Self Love Tattoo: 25+ of the Most Beautiful Body Positive Tattoos Full of Meaning!

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Loving our own body is the most important thing to grow and be happy and we all need a little reminder that in the first place we must love and respect ourselves.

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Always be perfect? We don’t really feel like doing that anymore! Have you ever wondered why all these fitness influencers look so perfect on Instagram and the other platforms? Now the answer is usually: cleverly staged and thought-out poses and Photoshop!

However, in recent years the significant shift in the way bodies are represented in society has become important. We need to face ourselves and others with love, forgiveness, understanding and respect and accept ourselves for who we are. Because let’s be honest – everyone has their flaws and no one is perfect. No matter,

Self Love Tattoo: What Exactly Does Body Positivity Mean?

Self love tattoo

Of course, a firm stomach and firm bottom look beautiful. But is it vital to have the perfect body and always be in top shape? And who determines what the perfect body should look like? Are we ourselves or the others?


According to a survey, around 20 percent of women in Germany let social media and fitness influencers influence their body perception and strive to be slim and wrinkle-free. Yes, we also know what it means to always compare yourself with others and how difficult it can be to overlook our supposed “flaws”. Fortunately, that has slowly changed and self-love without compromise is the new trend that is now flooding social media.

Self love tattoo

On Instagram alone there are more than 5.5 million amounts under the hashtag #bodypositivity and the self-love tattoo is the latest craze among all tattoo fans.


Body positivity, however, is not a new phenomenon – already in the 1960s there were initiatives such as “Health at every size”, or in German – “Health in every size”, and several campaigns call for thicker bodies to be no longer considered unhealthy and ugly to see.Self love tattoo

Now it’s more about seeing our body as something that is perfectly wondetattoo9- no matter which design you choose, body positive tattoos mean to treat every body with respect and stand for the knowledge that all body types are equally valuable. After all, a person’s body tells us nothing about their character.

We are not respectful of others’ bodies and we are not particularly kind to our own bodies. How often have you struggled with various diets and fasting cures just to lose those last 2-3 kilos?

Self love tattoo

However, in the worst case, the pursuit of perfection can end in a serious mental or eating disorder. So the self-love tattoo is the perfect way to celebrate acceptance and our body and to turn the supposed weakness into a strength.

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Body positive tattoos are trendy

Self love tattoo

How important is the weight that the scales show us? Weight is just a number and we shouldn’t pay too much attention to it. Of course it’s nice to be lean and muscular, but that should definitely not become our maxim in life.


Body positive tattoos are expressly committed to social justice, diversity and acceptance. Whether fat, slim, disabled, etc. – everyone must be treated with respect. And that’s exactly what is celebrated with the self-love tattoo – the loving and benevolent look at ourselves.

We all want freedom and we all need self-love. You have to make more money, you always have to look good and slim – most of us feel pressured by society all the time and that eventually affects our psyche and self-esteem. “I am enough” – such a small sentence with such a deep meaning.


This self love tattoo is perfect for anyone who has been told before that they need to change in order to get involved in society. It serves as a wonderful reminder that we should focus on what we are and not what we are not or what we don’t have.

Everyone is beautiful

Is your girlfriend slimmer than you and you want to look so much like her too? Really? Have you ever thought that this particular friend would love to have those cute freckles? Who says we are too fat, too thin or too slim? We all have to learn not to constantly compare ourselves to others. Because the truth is, every person is beautiful in their own way – no matter what everyone else says.

Choose a design for the self love tattoo that has a deep meaning to you

Nice and slim at any cost? No thanks! The price of striving for the ideal of beauty can sometimes have serious consequences, and according to a study by the Robert Koch Institute, around 35 percent of young girls show signs of an eating disorder. Unfortunately, this topic is still taboo. But anyone who has ever struggled with it knows how difficult it is to defeat this “inner devil”.


But once you’ve managed to recover from it, there’s nothing you want more than to celebrate your achievement. A self love tattoo with the National Eating Disorder Association symbol is a great way to remind you of what you went through and why you did it. It symbolizes the newly discovered freedom and gives us the strength and motivation not to give up day after day.

Self-love tattoo: the most beautiful ideas and motifs for your body positive tattoo

All curves and body shapes are beautiful and we don’t have to change at any cost

In order for others to respect us, we must first learn to love and honor ourselve

Self love tattoo

Be nice to yourself and accept your body for who it is

Self-love tattoos encourage us to come to terms with ourselves and make peace

Weight is just a number and does not indicate a person’s character

Loving yourself – that is what constitutes true beauty

Self love tattoo

Body positive tattoos as a reminder that the body is changing and that is perfectly fine

Self love tattoos

The effects of a self love tattoo can sometimes be life changing

We should always approach each other with love, understanding and respect

Self love club tattoos

“Self Love Club” as a friendship tattoo for you and your best friend

Leave all of the bad thoughts and memories in the past and focus on your future instea




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