6 Steps to Manifesting Love- how to manifest love quickly

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Do you want to know how to manifest love?

If your answer is yes then you might want to stay till the end of this article to learn how and get to understand other great concepts when it comes to manifesting love.

Anyone who is single and ready for a companion would most likely want to manifest a sweet and loving love.

But first understand this…

We attract a partner out of our subconscious mind shaped up from our childhood experiences. We search for people who mirror the way we understood our relationships at home, peers and the media.

Once you know that then you will know the kind of people you can attract. Now how do you manifest love effectively?


How to manifest love

How to manifest love quickly

1. Ask for what you want

Be specific about how you want to feel around your love interest.

What types of things are making you feel that way?

Write them down.

It is important we be clear on the how we’re feeling about this person so we can begin attracting the type of energy which will help us achieve our goal.

For example, If my goal is to attract a lover who makes me laugh more than any other man I have ever known. The first step is knowing how it feels to be with someone like that. So, if he makes me laugh constantly by telling stories from his day at work and how clumsy he is around the house.

What are some other things that make me laugh? Well, I’d have to think about it a bit more but how about… hearing stories about how someone got so shy in front of a beautiful woman and how she didn’t know how to react.

2. Visualize it

Once you’ve been specific with your how’s, ask for it daily through meditation or by writing it down- Be creative! You could even write lots of little ‘love letters’ as if they were notes to yourself which you then put somewhere where you will see regularly (in my case it was sticky notes on my bathroom mirror).

Include how you want them to feel when they’re with you. For example: If I could imagine how it feels to be in a relationship with this person how would I want them to feel when they’re with me? What types of things would make them feel that way about me?

Write these little love letters and then read them aloud several times throughout the day. This will help you achieve your goal because you will now have an active desire for how you want the future to look like, and this desire is what attracts your desire towards you.

3. Act like its real

Your how’s will now lead to your what. Knowing how it feels to be with something in the future and how you want that thing to feel about you is going to give you a clear understanding as how exactly how this person fits into your life.

For example: What are some of the things I would like them to do for me? 1) What kind of activities do we enjoy doing together, 2) How do they treat my friends and family when we’re out with everyone, 3) Is he respectful when I need him to be & how does his behavior change around other people who have more money or live in a nicer home than mine…

You’ll know instantly how you’re feeling because your answers should tell you everything.

4. Be around what you want

If you’re having trouble getting someone to notice how amazing you are then it is best that you get yourself around other people who have similar desires and goals.

You will be attracting like energy towards yourself, so just being in a space where others are manifesting their desires will keep your dream alive because, more than likely, they’ll invite you for coffee or something and you’ll find yourself talking about how much fun the person they met last week was!

5.Expect it! Expect it! Expect it!

Believe that the Universe wants to fulfill your desires as well as your needs.

If you are unclear about how or what these are, start by asking yourself how did I get into my current situation (Remember- Be specific: how did I get into this situation?) and how do I want to feel when it is all over?

The how’s are what you have to figure out, not the how come’s. In other words, how did we get here? Is it through our own actions or being that of others? How specifically do I want it to end up, not how will it end up.

6. Surrender

You can’t control how someone else feels. I know how hard it is for us guys to ‘let go’ of our need to feel like we have a woman wrapped around our fingers, but If you want something specific then this how has to come from a place of surrender and trust that the Universe knows how it fits into your life because everything already exists as how you wanted it too without necessarily knowing how you wanted it too.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly this becomes easy once we let go of control.

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Can you manifest love with a specific person?

How to manifest love

Yes, you can. If you love someone deeply and they happen to love you back it is very likely that the two of you will eventually get together or manifest a mutual relationship with one another.

How do you tell if someone is manifesting you?

The best way to know how someone feels about you is to look at how they behave towards you. Are they nice, or cruel? Do they try to get close to you in a way? How do they treat you in front of their friends and family? Is there anyone who can offer insight into how the person truly feels about you (usually family or very close friends.)

If the two of your are lovers, how much time do the two of you spend together when compared with time spent apart? If it is more than half of the time then it’s likely that he/she loves you deeply and that how he thinks he feels should eventually manifest itself as how he wants his life to be.

How do you know manifestation is working?

Remember how I said how you feel is how you know how you’re doing things? Well, if you are consciously feeling like everything is as it should be (rather than how it has been) then chances are good that things are going well.

The easiest way to check if how you want something is moving in the right direction is by knowing how far away it feels. If it hasn’t happened yet but feels closer every day (rather than being further away all the time,) then things are working out rather nicely for You!

why is my manifestation not working?

1. You’re not being conscious of how you want things to be.

Did you know that how we manifest is what we think about how we feel? And how we feel is how it manifests! So, if you’ve been feeling like nothing is moving anywhere then try being more conscious of how you feel and how much closer everything feels to how you envisioned it would before getting into this space (instead of further away.)

2. You’re asking the wrong question! Yes, there’s a right way and a wrong way to ask questions!

3.Youre going too big quickly


I hope you have learnt something on this post on how to manifest love. Share with me below about your journey to manifesting love. Also, do not shy sharing this post with your friends and family. Blessed!

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