How to make friends in a new city- 20 Brilliant Ideas

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You have just moved to a new city and are feeling lonely?

Perhaps you’re new in town and would like to make some friends.

How do you meet people in the city where you live?

How do you get out there, meet your neighbors, and learn about your community?

How do I get to know my neighbors when they keep staring at me?

How do I meet new people in town?

How to make friends in a new city!

Here are 20 ideas to help you make friends and start the adventure of living in your new home.

How to Make friends in a new city

how to make friends in a new city

#1 – Join Meetup Groups

Meetup is an online social networking website that helps bring like-minded communities together. It’s free to join and you can sign up for different groups based on your hobbies, demographics and interests.

By joining a Meetup group, you will be immersed in the world of a new community. You can meet your neighbors and make friends by participating in social activities organized by Meetup groups.

#2 – Volunteer

Volunteering is one of the most powerful ways to make friends, both locally and globally. It also offers an opportunity to meet new neighbors and form a relationship with your local community.

Volunteering is also a chance to fulfill one of your needs for social connection with other people, especially if you’re new in town.

#3 – Utilize Social Media

Social media can be an excellent way to make friends. Some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

However, it’s not the only way to make friends in a new city. You can also utilize other online platforms such as LinkedIn or even Reddit for the same purpose.

#4 – Don’t Be Shy

Make New Friends at Work If you’ve just started working, there are a number of ways on how to make friends at work . It’s an excellent opportunity to get out and meet your fellow employees.

The workplace is also one of the places where friendships are formed easily. You can start by striking up a conversation with someone next door or across the hall and before you know it, you’ll have five new friends!

#5 – Show Up at Local Events

show up at a local event is a great way to make friends in a new city

That Interest You When I moved to a new city, the first thing I did was to join a dance class. It’s an excellent way to meet like-minded people and perhaps make some close friends if you’re lucky.

Another way is by joining local events that interest you . If you are big into music, for example, then you should find out what concerts are coming up in your town and start planning on going!

#6 – Volunteer at Your Local Library

The library is perhaps one of the most underrated places in your local community. Your library offers many services such as books, audiobooks, DVDs, CDs , computers and more.

Beyond these services though ,your local library can also be an amazing place to make friends in a new city . You can volunteer at your local library and meet new people.

#7 – Get Into Sports

How to make friends in a new city

One of the best ways to make friends is by joining a team that plays your favorite sport. If you love volleyball, for example, then you should join volleyball practice and start meeting new people.

This is definitely one of the ways on how to meet new friends in a new city .

#8 – Take Up A New Hobby or Class

In case you’re bored at home without any friends, it’s time to take up a hobby and be social! There are so many hobbies out there – photography, dance classes, painting , wood-work – just about anything that will get you out of the house. Take up something that interests you and give it a try.

Your local community center offers many services such as group classes and activities to help you meet new people.

#9 – Find Your Local Community Center

Your local community center can be an excellent resource for those looking to make new friends in a new city. It’s one of the most underused resources that is available to assist newcomers who are looking for friendship connections. You can volunteer at your local community center or simply show up during one of their activities .

#10 – Take Advantage of New Technology

There are many different communication methods available online nowadays such as chat rooms, gaming platforms and mobile apps.

These technologies have become so popular that there are now even online dating apps like Tinder that allow people to quickly meet others based on physical attraction!

Try it out! Online dating has changed the way people look for love, and it can work for you to make friends in a new city as well.

#11 – Try Speed Dating

speed dating is a way to finding friends in a new city

A sure-fire way of meeting likeminded people is by trying speed dating. In case you’ve never heard of it before, speed dating involves making small talk with a total of 10 different partners over the course of one evening (usually around 20 minutes per partner). Some cities even have bi-weekly speed dating events that usually last for many hours.

#12 – Join Local Volunteer Programs

Joining local volunteer programs to help out at your local animal shelter or soup kitchen is another excellent way on how to meet new people in a city because it helps you fulfill your need for social connection!

Helping out at the animal shelter for example, teaches you important social skills like empathy and compassion.

Helping out at the soup kitchen helps you gain a new perspective on life and also gives you an opportunity to meet other people with similar interests who are most probably in need of friendship connections themselves.

#13 – Join A Club or Organization

One way on how to make friends in a new city is by joining clubs and organizations. As you know, there is almost always an abundance of activities happening around your community such as specific church groups, Qigong classes, knitting opportunities and much more.

For best results try taking part in activities outside of your home because it provides more opportunities for friendly interaction.

#14 – Take Towns With You Wherever You Go

If it’s not possible for you to join clubs or organizations in your new city, then make sure that you bring them with you wherever you go! This goes hand-in-hand with the idea of how important it is to have a hobby and/or activity that fills your time when there are no friends around.

For example, if you’ve recently relocated to San Francisco and don’t know anybody yet , then get a guitar and learn to play! It doesn’t matter where you live – on the subway, at the airport or even in your own home – take up an instrument and start practicing whenever possible.

Joining music classes after retirement may also be one of the best ways on how to meet new people because it allows for creative interaction while fulfilling your need for social connection!

#15 – Don’t Be Afraid to Approach Strangers

In my experience, a lot of people are afraid to approach strangers . Friends are not always the only source of friendship connections that will fulfill your need for social interaction.

Believe it or not, there is actually more opportunity to make friends in big cities than anywhere else because you have a bigger pool of potential friendships available! Don’t be afraid to approach strangers – they may also be looking for new friendships as well.

#16 – Join A Lifelong Learning Program

One way on how to make friends in a new city is by joining lifelong learning programs. These programs often offer excellent ways to enrich your life both mentally and socially; like volunteer work and complementary classes where you can meet and interact with likeminded individuals.

#17 – Consider Joining a Local Sports Team

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, then becoming part of a local sports team is one of the best ways on how to meet new people! It is impressive that even small towns have access to plenty of opportunities for sports enthusiasts to be active and make friends.

Think about it: if you join an amateur football team in Chicago , chances are that you’ll meet some cool guys who can potentially serve as future friendships relation-ships.

Just keep your eyes open because opportunities for friendship connections are all around us (even at the gym!).

#18 – Go To Bars &amp

Night Clubs While this tip may not work out so well for those of you in your 50s, 60s or 70s (who most likely want to avoid places where alcohol is being served), it’s actually one of the best ways on how to meet new people for those in their 20s and 30s !

Like any social gathering, going to bars and clubs can be a great way to satisfy your need for social interaction. This tip may work out even better if you’re at least a bit open-minded about trying new things like salsa dancing.

#19 – Go To A Public Park

how to make friends in a new city

Another excellent way on how to make friends in a new city as well as satisfy your need for social interaction is by taking strolls through public parks.

Going by yourself or with pets (yes especially dogs!) can be calming and satisfying, but more often than not it’s a great way to meet new people! Especially if you go during the daytime and on the weekends when there is a greater chance of other locals being out and about.

In parks around big cities like New York you might even run into (prospective) friends while walking your dog! If that still doesn’t work for you then consider going during happy hour where you can talk with other people who are off from work!

#20 – Enjoy Nature

Like many things in life, nature is best enjoyed with company.

However, it’s also one of the best ways on how to make friends in a city because it allows us to appreciate our surroundings and each other (if we’re lucky enough to have company)!

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Is it hard to make friends in a new city?

Some people say yes.

But let’s face it: making friends is hard wherever you go. Even if you don’t move to a new city, the fact remains that we are all unique individuals who happen to share some basic similarities in terms of our needs for social interaction.

Whether or not this article was useful in helping on how to meet new people, please don’t forget that there are many other resources for meeting new friends out there!

How to make friends after college – After college comes adult life… a big step which requires serious thinking about your future and your relationships with others. And for most adults, making friends in a new city after college is not an easy task. But the good news is that there are many ways on how to make friends after college – just take a look at the article!

How long does it take to make new friends in a new city?

In my experience, if you’re trying too hard then you’ll be putting yourself into expectations and that almost always lead to nothing.

It is much more effective to go out not necessarily looking for new friends but with the mindset of being open-minded. It can take up to months to make new friends in a new city.

Try looking at life with a broader perspective where you don’t need (or expect) certain things from people or situations. Because it’s often when we least expect it, that’s when meaningful connections happen!

If I move to a different city can I still use these tips on how to make friends?

The tips on how to meet people in this article are pretty universal and should work no matter where you live (within reason of course).

If you’re a student then you’ll find that most of the tips on how to make friends can still apply even if you move away after your next semester. And if somehow the steps above didn’t work, know that it’s probably just about trying harder

Is it normal to have no friends?

It’s normal to have no friends . In fact, it’s more normal then having lots of friends. So don’t let it get you down. It’s also normal to go out on a Friday night and find yourself alone. But that doesn’t mean you’re not doing anything!

How to make friends as an introvert – Some people are more extroverted than others, but anyone can be more social if they learn how to do it the right way

Is my lack of friends holding me back from success?

If you have no close friends, then yes.

Having at least one or two close friendships is important for everyone because it helps us feel less isolated in our busy lives.

It’s like having a built-in cheering squad (or therapist) when we are down.

It gives us someone who has our best interest at heart so we don’t need to worry about what other people think.

It also provides a sense of security when we’re going through hard times.

Not having friends can be tough, especially if you’re in the need to develop meaningful connections with other people. But it’s never too late to meet new friends or reconnect with old ones!

How do I stop feeling lonely?

If all else fails and loneliness is overwhelming then maybe it’s time for some self-love. No matter where we go in life: the school binders, work colleagues, Facebook friends, etc… we are always alone at the end of the day.

However in today’s society, it is a major taboo to admit that we feel depressed due to loneliness or other personal issues.

But here’s a little secret: you’re not alone! Meaningful connections happen when we least expect it and knowing this should make us take life with lighter spirits

Is having no friends bad for your health?

Yes having no friends is bad for your health.

How could you expect to make a living in the future if you haven’t made any meaningful connections with other human beings ?

What would make you happy if your work colleagues all left you out of important meetings? How can we deal with difficult events in our lives when we have no connections to help us get through these situations together? And the most important question: why care about others at all without having anyone to care for you in return?

Actually, according to this studies, having no friends, family or community ties places you at 50% dying earlier than if you did.

Human contact is essential for healthy living. And this includes connecting with other people on a personal level. Even more so when we live in such fast-paced societies where everybody seems to be constantly rushing somewhere… yet ironically nobody seems to have anywhere they want to go anymore!


Making new friends in a new city is not easy… but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! So go out there and find something meaningful to do.

What are your experiences with making friends in a new city? Share your thoughts below : )

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