19 powerful depression quotes

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Friends sitting together on the bed. One of them probably practicing what to say to someone who is depressed

So you’re here because you want to learn exactly what to say to someone who is depressed.

Well, I get it- it’s tough not knowing what to say. You may even feel as if you are likely to say the wrong phrases that may make things worse for your loved one.

In that case, this article will teach you 7 depression quotes to use and 12 depression quotes to avoid whenever you’re speaking to someone going through depression.

Depression is an exhausting disorder one to fight alone both physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, one of the greatest battles facing those who suffer from it is the feeling that no one else in the world can truly understand what they are going through .

However, these feelings of isolation provide one of the greatest opportunities for loved ones to help out.

The key thing is to make the depressed person understand that you are understanding that she is ill.

So, if you’re trying to support someone with depression but don’t know exactly what to say, here are seven powerful depression quotes you should use:

7 of the best depression quotes to use

Depression quotes


1) “I’m here for you”

Sometimes the smallest gestures are the ones that are most effective.

Telling someone with depression you’re there for them – and then proving it in practice – is probably the greatest help you can offer them at that time of need.

Family members, friends and significant others have the opportunity to contribute just by helping them go on appointments, take their medications regularly or stick to a daily routine.

2) “You are not alone”

Depression can make you feel like driving through a dark tunnel on your own. It is important that loved ones remind the depressed person that he does not have to go through that journey alone and that the negative feelings he is experiencing are temporary and passable.
Say “It’s you and me against depression and the two of us will win”

3) “It’s not your fault

Those who do not fully understand the complicated nuances of depression, may tend to tell the person who suffers from it, “Get high!” or “what do you have to be so sad?” it may seem logical, however phrases like these make the person feel as if you’re judging him guilty of his malaise.

You should understand that is not their choice, just as it is not your choice to get the flu. If you do not view depression in the same way, you will give the feeling that the person is playing the victim on purpose.


4) “I will accompany you” -depression quotes

This applies to both psychotherapy sessions, appointments with the doctor or even medications to be taken.

It is not an excess of care being there during the healing process as it can help the person not only on a supportive level, but to make her understand that depression is treatable and should not be dismissed as an unimportant thing ”


5) “What can I do for you?”

Another way to help is to do something practical.

By offering to do something with them – whether it’s for a walk or just sitting on the couch – you are sending the message that you are available to them.

It is important to encourage depressed people to continue doing the things necessary to maintain their daily balance. This includes maintaining a routine of sleep, food, exercise and sociability. It seems obvious, but it is really important.

6) “What are your thoughts?”

It is also important to be there on a “mental” level by discussing with your loved one about what is going on in his head.

Don’t be afraid to ask what they’re thinking. Depression can be a deadly disease. Therefore the ‘don’t say’ and ‘don’t ask’ mentality can be dangerous. Asking has never made people worse, but by not asking you risk not knowing something terrible they maybe thinking.

7) Simply nothing- depression quotes

Sometimes just your presence can be supportive for someone suffering from depression. Just be there and enjoy their campany. This is a huge gesture that can imply “I’m always here for you.”

Again, there are phrases that you should avoid when talking or trying to help someone with depression. Here are 12 depression quotes you shouldn’t use and their alternatives:

12 depression quotes to avoid

Depression quotes

1. “Other people are in a much worse situation than yours.”

The fact that another person has many problems does not allow yours to disappear. Likewise, telling a depressed person that others have problems will not take anything away from their depression.

What you might say instead: “I feel that you are suffering a lot, how can I help you?”.

2. “You will feel better tomorrow”.

This will most likely not come true, and besides being a lie, it could put an additional load of pressure on a person who is already struggling every day to regain the light.

Depression is not something that goes away overnight.

You might say, Take it one day at a time, and I’ll be here with you every day.”

3. “Life is not fair” -bad depress quotes 

This, again, minimizes the feelings the person experiences. Yes, life may not be fair, but this does not help the person feel better in their situation.

You might say, I’m sorry about what happened to you, but we can get over it together.”

4. “Life goes on”.

Yes, life goes on, but for a depressed person the feeling is often that of being blocked and with no way out.

The depressed person often has a lot of difficulty figuring out how to go about their day, let alone a whole week.

What you might say instead: You have many reasons to live, and I will be here with you to help you rediscover these things.”

5. “I know how you feel, I was depressed once.”

The feelings of two people are never exactly the same. Not everyone handles things in the same way, and this is also the case with depression.

And remember, depression is more than just a bad mood or a bad day.

What you might say instead: I can only try to imagine what you are going through“.

6. “You are selfish”- bad depression quotes

It is very likely that a depressed person is already extremely hard on himself. It certainly does not need further external criticism.

And remember – depression is not a choice. Those who are depressed have not chosen to be depressed.

You might say, I miss you very much. What can I do to help you?”.

7. “Go out, have fun, drink and forget about everything”.

Unfortunately, a good night will not be a cure for depression and the person in this condition in most cases does not really want to see people and have fun.

What you might say instead: “I’d like to spend time together, and I’d like to be a point of reference for you. How about going to have a coffee and have a chat? ”.

8. “You’re making me worry too much”

Again, repeat after me: Depression is not a choice. A depressed person can feel helpless and full of guilt, the last thing they need is the extra worry and pain for those trying to help them.

What you might say instead: “It hurts me to see you so down. What can I do to help you?”.

9. “Why are you depressed?”

Depression is not always caused by a traumatic or sad event. Sometimes it just happens. This does not make it any less serious.

You might say, I’m sorry I didn’t notice earlier that you’re having a hard time – I’m here now.”

 10. “You need to play sports”.

Exercise can actually help fight sad days, but when a person is depressed it can often be really difficult to get out of bed.

What you might say instead: “I need a partner to go walking, do you want to go for a walk with me?”.

1. “You just need to get out of the house”.

Again, for those battling depression, getting out of the house can seem nearly impossible.

What you might say instead:  “Sometimes I can come to you or we can go somewhere together.”

12. “Everyone struggles with life’s problems, so why are you doing this?”

One of the worst depression quotes you can use on someone is saying that depression is a choice. It is not a choice. It happens. And when it does, it will affect anyone and everyone differently.

What you might say instead: It seems that you are having a difficult time, it will pass and I just want you to know that I am here.” 

In conclusion,

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, I hope this 19 list of depression quotes have helped you.

You can always seek professional help to help with depression!!

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  1. these words help more than anyone can imagine. i myself suffer from depression and some other mental disorders,but my what warms my heart is the fact that i have people who carw about me. great post.

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