70 Best Recovery quotes

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When you are not well, discouragement comes and the feeling that this phase will never pass becomes a common thing.  In these moments, having the support of those you love is essential to raise your head and always seek improvement. With that in mind, we have prepared a selection of recovery quotes to cheer up anyone who is in need of a helping hand to keep going in this daily struggle.

Recovery quotes

Recovery quotes to comfort those who need to improve


This is the time to rest and regain strength for the day that will be born soon!


Make this recovery the greatest chance of finding happiness in your entire life.


Buddy, I didn’t know you were that bad. I very much hope that you recover soon!
Calm down, the joy will come in time. For now, rest and focus on your recovery.


May you be able to face this moment of fragility with every claw you have. We are rooting for your recovery!


I know you are strong and you will quickly overcome this difficult time.


I wish you well for your health and that soon you can be fully recovered.


I know you are going through a delicate moment in life, but know that recovery is coming. I wish you well!


Since I knew I was not feeling well, I ask in my prayers that you recover your health soon.


My thoughts are with you so that you recover soon and everyone around you can smile again.


Never stop believing, never stop fighting, because this difficult moment will pass. I wish you a great recovery.


May your courage and determination help you to have a quick and peaceful recovery.


Trust in God and the strength you have inside your chest and I am sure you will recover soon.

In these difficult moments, it is necessary to raise your head and keep going in search of a good recovery.


You just need to be strong and hold on a little longer because the recovery is tough, but it ends up passing.


Don’t give up on this fight, because only you are able to win this battle!

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May this moment quickly turn into a past. I wish you a good recovery.


I ask God that your strength will never wane and so continue to fight this battle.


Prayer and faith are the best remedies for recovery.


Facing a disease is not easy, but it is important to have faith and believe whenever we will be able to overcome it. Have a great recovery!


You only win tomorrow if you don’t give up today. Take care!


May you remain strong during your recovery despite the difficulties. We’re rooting for you!


May God be on your side in this delicate moment and help you to recover quickly!
With each fall a dose of strengthening, an impulse, a recovery.


I know your recovery is not going to be easy, but know that this whole fight will be worth it!


After recovery, you will be a new person. Stronger, wiser and more willing to be happy!


Maintaining positive thinking is the key to any recovery.


May this moment quickly turn into a past. Have a great recovery.


During this delicate period, know that I will be here for whatever you need. Always count on me!


Even though I can’t do much for you, my friend, I leave you a message: get well soon.


We are adaptable beings and always rise after a fall. You will be able to recover!


I know you are going through a delicate moment in life, but know that recovery is coming.


I wish you well! Use this time to readjust what you need and renew your life. So, your recovery will be worth it!


I know the size of your strength and I know you will recover quickly!


For some things, only time is the solution. I hope for your recovery!


In the moments that we are most fragile, we can evaluate what really matters and is worth having in life.


Battle again, you know that you are strong and that you can win this fight more.


I wish you well and the wisdom to deal with all that is happening.


With each recovery we go through, our hopes are renewed and our strengths become more intense!


Be well, always smile, whatever happens. Trust your strength, you are able to recover from this very delicate situation!


Take care! Victories come for those who persist and never give up!


For a good recovery, I wish you a lot of positivity, joy and immense strength of will to win again.


Get better, my friend! This moment is not easy, but you are strong and surrounded by people who love you and will take care of you!


You have not lost everything because you still have the strength to recover what is gone. Never doubt it!


Don’t give up on your plans, just pause them until you’re strong again to continue!


My friend, I heard about your illness and I hope you get better soon. Know that I am here by your side and I will help you in any way I can!


I am sending you my most sincere wishes for a good recovery.


I know you’ll be stronger when you get back!


I am waiting for your return to see your smile enliven our days. Good recovery!


I want you to know that I will be here supporting you and helping you with whatever is necessary.


This recovery will go faster than we think!


I know everything is difficult, but take a deep breath, take a break and fight again. You will be able to win!


It’s just a bad phase, but it will soon pass. Do not despair, and take care!


You just need to hold on a little longer. Your achievement is a few meters away. Take care!


Getting up and recovering is not easy, so you will be stronger and more prepared when everything is over!


All I want most at this moment is for you to get better as soon as possible so that we can be together soon and enjoy life intensely with good energies.


Even though I can’t be by your side in this difficult phase, I am praying and sending positive energies and I know that you will recover!


Let it be clear: God is greater than your problems. So, please don’t despair. Be calm that in due time He will act.


You are stronger than you think, never doubt your power to recover and reinvent yourself!


Be well, my friend, just then I can be happy too.


Better days will come and you will be able to take advantage of them because you will be completely recovered!


You are a good human being, with a good soul and you will rise from this fall even better. Trust me!


A good recovery requires confidence. Believe that you will overcome this and all the bad stages!


With all my love, I am rooting for your recovery. Get better and I know you are strong to win this one!


That was just another detour on your route. Soon you will be at full strength to continue battling!


Financial adversities are difficult, but they will be overcome with hard work and commitment. Count on me for what you need!


It is our faith that makes us believe that everything will pass! Be well and count on me for everything!


The recovery process is very important. Follow all the recommended precautions and I’m sure you’ll be fine!


You deserve someone better and who loves you for who you are. I know this love will reach you! Take care!


Have faith and be sure to believe in your improvement. You need to believe that better days will come and always keep hope within your heart.


Sometimes, you just need to study a little more to succeed.  Strength you will recover your notes!


Come on, my friend! Recovery may be slow, but it will make you much better than you were.


Now that you have renewed your energies to continue fighting for your recovery.


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