25 gratitude questions to spark new ideas

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Here are 25 gratitude questions that you can ask yourself and answer in writing in order to look more gratefully and more fully at your life.

Gratitude questions

25 gratitude questions for more life everyday

Use these 25 gratitude questions to help you feel more grateful every day.

Take a pen and a notebook and write each of these gratitude questions down. Then write the answers and see what you’ve been taking for granted.

Alternatively, read each of these 25 gratitude questions and then close your eyes to meditate on the answer.

  1. Which people and relationships in your life are you grateful?
  2. Is there anyone you’d like to say “thank you” to again?
  3. What has someone recently done to make your life easier?
  4. What have you really enjoyed about your job lately?
  5. What is the best thing that happened to you today / this week / this month?
  6. What non-material gifts have you recently received from someone (time, attention, advice)?
  7. For which material things in your life are you grateful?
  8. What new knowledge are you grateful for?
  9. For which (supposed) mistakes you made in your life are you thankful in retrospect?
  10. What advice are you grateful for from others?
  11. What made you laugh or smile today?
  12. Has your body done something extraordinary that you are grateful for?
  13. What special skills and talents are you grateful for?
  14. What special events in your life are you grateful for?
  15. What technological means are you grateful for?
  16. What are you grateful to your parents for?
  17. What are you grateful to your partner for?
  18. What are you grateful to yourself for?
  19. Name at least three reasons why you are grateful for today’s weather – regardless of whether it is raining, storming or the sun is shining!
  20. Take a look around your apartment / house: For which rooms, retreats, furniture and other objects are you grateful?
  21. What do you love about where you live? Why do you like to live here and what makes the place so special?
  22. How old are you and what do you particularly enjoy about this age?
  23. Which month is it currently? What distinguishes this month, what can you only do this month or this time of year?
  24. What is your current relationship status? What are the advantages of this relationship status? What can you particularly enjoy about it?
  25. For which social changes that you are currently perceiving are you grateful?
Apart from gratatide questions, there’s more to feeling grateful…like

Why gratitude is so important

You may know someone who sometimes makes you think:

  • “But that’s complaining on a high level.”
  • “But now you are also looking for the fly in the ointment.”
  • “Nothing is perfect. Just be satisfied the way it is. “

And maybe the same thing  is happening to you every now and then which makes you to look at what is still missing. And all you can see is imperfection.

In doing so, you direct your focus and your energy fully on the deficits. And forget about everything that is good and what you have already achieved.

Exactly in such cases, gratitude is suitable as a healthy compensation. Remember all the gratitude questions and answer each to go through such scenarios.

What changes when you are grateful

There are many different studies of what gratitude can do.

Benefits of being grateful

  1. increase your sense of happiness
  2. accelerate the healing of diseases
  3. Strengthen optimism and zest for life
  4. give you more self-discipline
  5. strengthen your heart health
  6. improve your sleep
  7. Decrease feelings of anger, jealousy, or greed
  8. increase your motivation
  9. help you achieve important goals
  10. help in the prevention of anxiety disorders and depression
  11. reduce chronic stress
  12. Reduce worry and brooding
  13. increase your self-esteem
  14. Strengthen the bond with other people
  15. Prevent envy and constant comparison with others

Which is all pretty good and desirable.

In a sense, gratitude triggers a positive spiral that makes you happier, healthier, and more mentally active.


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